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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Anoox Advertising
1 How much will Advertising on Anoox Network cost per Month?
How much you spend on Advertising on Anoox Network, is determined by you. Based on how much you want to pay for Click on your Ads and how many Ads you have and what you set your Maximum monthly Advertising spending to be. With that said, on Average Advertising on Anoox network costs about $45 per Month per 10 Text Ads or 1 Ad Banner. Needless to say this is a very low cost of Advertising compared to traditional Media or Big Wall Street Media such as Google™, Facebook™, etc.. However, this is the Average*, since the actual amount will vary based on these factors which are unique per Client:
  • How many Text Ads or Banner Ads you have uploaded
  • How well you have constructed each Keyword
  • How much you are biding per Click to determine ranking of your Ads among other Ads for given Keyword
  • How popular is the subject matter that you are targeting with your Ads
  • How attention grabbing is your Ad banner(s), since a "Picture is indeed worth a 1000 Words"
  • Are you offering a reward for People to click on your Ads to visit your Site - Rewards generate highest conversion
The average click through of 1.2% is for last 3 years of all Advertising clients
2 How can Anoox SAVE us 50% to 99% in cost of Advertising?
We are a not profit driven organization that puts the Public interest ahead of any profits and share prices on Wall Street. We are driven by the Goals of fostering Information Democracy and SAVING Billions in Advertising costs for Main Street rather than being Billionaires on Wall Street. Now practically speaking how Anoox can SAVE you 50% to 99% in cost of Advertising, is based first and foremost on the fact that we DO NOT accept Big Business Advertising, so as to crate a "Level Playing Field" for small businesses, among other steps we are taking - Details.
3 What is a View (aka Impressions)?
Views or Impressions are the Number of times that People see your Ads. Whereas in traditional Media such as TV, Print, Magazines, etc. you are charged based on the number of Views (aka Impressions) that your Ads get, We do not chagre you for this. We charge you on Pay-per-Click (PPC) basis. This means you are only charged when those People who View your Ads click on your Ads to come to your Site.
4 How many Clicks (aka Traffic) will I get to my Site for my Advertising?
On average a Site can expect to get 1.2% click through for the number of times that its Ads are Viewed. But this is an average*, with the actual numbers varying greatly from Advertising to Advertising, depending on many factors that are within your control or the control of the popularity of the product or service that you are offering. However you can greatly improve your Click through rate based on these Key factors:
  • Select Keywords that in less than 5 Words describe Key features of your Site
  • Describe only 1 feature per Keyword
  • If you Advertising is specific to a City and/or Country, Include your target City/Country name in some of the Keywords, not all
  • Leader Board Ads that have cool "Call to Action" get best click through rates
  • Offer an incentive, discount, for People clicking on your Anoox Ads
  • Offer a special incentive or discount, to Anoox members
  • Be active on Anoox social network with helpful answers in regard to the Key offerings of your Site and Advertising
The average click through of 1.2% is for last 3 years of all Advertising clients
5 Where does Anoox Traffic come from and will it increase my Site Traffic?
Our Traffic comes from host of Free Services that we provide our Members and the Public at large as the only People Powered Search Engine and Small Business focused Social Search Network. And Yes our Traffic can nicely increase your Site Traffic, since as the only non-profit Social Search Network, our Traffic is based on a Global Community of do gooders, small business owners, socially conscious people, who appreciate the Small Businesses Advertising on Anoox and want to support you accordingly - More Details.
6 What happens after my initial Deposit runs out?
Once your initial Deposit, aka Account Balance, runs out. Then for your convenience your Advertising account will operate on a "Pay as You Go" basis, where the total of all clicks on your Ads is charged to your card every 30 days. So this way you do not need to manually monitor your Advertising Account Balance to make sure your Ads do not go off-line due to your Account Balance hitting Zero. OTOH, if you want to manually monitor and add funds to your Advertising Account Balance, or if you want your Advertising Account to close when your balance runs out, then you can set the Auto-Rebill on your Advertising account to OFF.
7 Can I set Limit (Budget) for how much to spend on Advertising?
Yes, you can. You can Set a Daily Limit for how much Charges you want all your Ads to incur. Your Monthly Ad spending will then have this Maximum Daily Limit. So this way you can have a firm control on how much you want to budget for your Advertising.

NOTE: the actual amount you spend on Advertising is determined by the number of Ads you have online and how much you are paying for them on pay-per-click basis and other related factors. So your actual Monthly spending can be lower than your Maximum Daily (Monthly) Limit, but it will not be higher than it as per this Max Budget that you have set.

8 Can we Target our Advertising to our desired Audience only?
Yes, you can. Your Anoox Advertising will allow you to Target your Ads to your selected Audience based on:
  • Keyword
  • Geography
  • Topics
  • Age
  • Gender
So that you can be certain when People click on your Ads they are already very interested in what you are offering and hence very likely to convert.
9 Will we get detailed reports about our Advertising results?
Yes, you do. From Your Anoox Advertising dashboard, you can get all sort of detailed reports about your Advertising campaign. For example these reports will tell you:
  • Total number of times each of your Ads were shown over a given period of time
  • Total number of clicks on each of your Ads over a given period of time
  • Daily traffic on per each selected Ad
  • Total charges per each Ad over a given period of time
  • Conversion rate for each of your Ads
And much more. So that you can fine tune your Advertising campaign as per your business goals.
10 Is Advertising on Anoox network suitable for all type of businesses?
No. Advertising on Anoox is really suitable for Small Businesses with $50 to $500 in Monthly Advertising budget. If you have Multi-Million Dollar Advertising budgets, you want to go to Google™, Facebook™, etc.. And for businesses that are comfortable with a Self-Managed Advertising system - More Details.
11 My purchase of Advertising on Anoox was rejected. Why and what can I do?
Your purchase of Advertising on Anoox Network can be rejected on 3 main grounds:
  • We do not have enough Traffic for the Advertising that you have submitted. In which case you will be informed of this fact and given opportunity to modify your Advertising submission: by improving your Ad details, Ad Keywords, Ad Targeting, etc..
  • Your Advertising and/or your Site does not meet with our Editorial standards, in which case generally it is not possible for your Advertising to be accepted. In such rare cases we give you one opportunity to write to us and explain why you think your Advertising should be accepted.
  • We have reached the maxim number of new Advertisers/Ads we can accept for the Day, or Week or Month. We need to have such a limit since as a small non-profit Search engine & Social network we have limited resources to work with, so once we reach a certain number of new Ads for a given period, to ensure that we are giving best Traffic to current Advertisers, we need to pause to process pending Ads before we can accept more. NOTE: as current Advertisers you are exempt from this limitation
12 Why is my Country not listed in list of Countries I can target my Ads to?
We list a country in the Country based Ad targeting list when we have Minimum of 100,000 views per Month from that country. If you still want to Advertise, then you should select "World Wide" as the target of your Ads. But just make sure that your Ads have a Global appeal, such as you are a Hotel appealing to World Wide tourists, offering Software for sale, Web Site hosting, etc. etc. and not a business with local appeal only.
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