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The non-profit Social network & Search engine - Est 2004
Invest for great ROI - Invest to Shape the Future
What if you could have invested in Google™ Search engine at 10 Cents a share when it did its Seed round? What if you could have invested in Facebook™ or Twitter™ Social networks at 10 Cents a share when they did their Seed round? You would have returns on investment (ROI) in the 1000s. We cannot help you with above missed investment opportunities, but we can point you to a similarly great potential investment opportunity in an alternative integrated Search engine & Social network that can grow from current Start-Up level valuations into multi-Billion Dollar valuations whereby you can have ROI in the 1000s. This investment opportunity is to provide the Seed round, or the Series-A round since the underlying technology is so well developed and tested, to launch the for-profit spin off of Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network.

If you are a VC or similar class of investor, and are interested to pursue such investment opportunity, please consider these Key facts why this is such a compelling investment opportunity.

Key facts why this is such a compelling investment opportunity
Typically when a Start-up comes to you they have an idea, or a demo or at best an MVP; in this case we have actual working software systems, that is an integrated Social network & Search engine, that are being used by Millions already. With these actual working software systems having been developed under non-profit Search engine & Social network of Anoox, ready to be moved and made operational with appropriate Seed funding under the Start-Up
The Search engine part has been developed to the proof of concept. That is proving the concept that Crowd Wisdom powered search engine can produce the best search results. But to the proof of concept only since to operate at Google™, Yandex™, or Baidu™ levels requires to Index 100s of Billions of pages which requires 100s of Servers and 24/7 NOC which require substantial funding in excess of $100Mill and more
The Social networking part is developed to a rather full extent making it highly useful as is. In fact the Social networking part is so value rich that for many it is the Hub of their daily lives, including many in USA, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, etc. And the value of the Social networking part was recently increased by orders of magnitude with the release of the Instant Messenger
Indeed this is an unusual investment opportunity, since the technology has been developed under a non-profit to be moved to this new Start-up with proper funding. But this in fact is a Huge plus for you our investors to be, since this arrangement has allowed us to continuously develop test and develop the various parts of this software system under real world conditions of people actually using them when at times the release was not ready for public use if we were not a non-profit company and were for-profit, since people are more forgiving of a non-profit compared to a for-profit, and rightly so
Although we would like to build this new Start-Up based on both the Social network & Search engine offerings, we are open to the idea of dropping the Search engine from this new company and focusing on the Social network part only, if you are of the position that it would take too much to fund a Search engine, which indeed is the case. This is a decision we look froward to make with you our lead investor
What will set WasTopia apart from the current offering and allow it to grow rapidly?
  • We will focus on connecting people in new ways such as our state of the art Instant Messenger
  • We will focus on preserving freedom of expression, while addressing spread of fake news and hate messages
  • We will not track you, ever, and respect Peoples data as being theirs - privacy simplified
  • We will be a B Corps and adhere to strict Climate Change standards
If you are looking for an Elevator Pitch why this is such a compelling investment opportunity?
Social Media and Search engine are the future of Media in many ways that traditional Media of TV, Radio and Print cannot possibly be
The Social network part is well developed and tested, it is state of the art in many ways, specially with release of the Instant Messenger, ready to sign-up and be used by Millions to deliver Billions in Views per Month and resulting tremendous Advertising revenues
Even if we drop the Search engine part and focus on the Social Media part we are talking about a major Media outlet, given the power and pull of Social media to connect people, to shape the future, and given peoples deep desire for alternatives to Facebook™ or Twitter™, and given the advance state of our features which of course we will add to once properly funded. Thus in under a year we can reach a user base and resulting Advertising revenues that will put us in the top 10 of all Sites, delivering ROI to our investors that can be tremendous
Invest to Shape the Future
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  • Not an investor, but you want to connect us with the right people to bring about this funding? Then please contact us as well since we have an excellent "5% Finder's Fee" if via your reference we do close on an investment deal